The Amber Clave

The Amber Clave: Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Summary

As our heroes explore an island whose call proved impossible to resist, they find that what they really need is a way to escape.

Episode Notes

As our heroes explore an island whose call proved impossible to resist, they find that what they really need is a way to escape.

GM: Megan

Aser as Korshen Lambro, Landan as Mako, and Shaunna as Jessamy Gray

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Outro Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Ossuary 2 - Turn." (
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Episode Transcription

Amber Clave S1E2.mp3

Megan (GM): [00:00:05] Hello everyone and welcome to the Amber Clave, a Numenera podcast. This is Megan and I'm your GM and with me I have Aser.


Aser (Korshen): [00:00:15] Playing Korshen Lambro the resourceful, stealthy glint who wields a whip.


Megan (GM): [00:00:21] Shaunna.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:00:22] Hallo! I am playing Jessamy Grey, a resourceful ultra terrestrial seeker who hunts with great skill.


Megan (GM): [00:00:29] And Landan.


Landan (Mako): [00:00:31] Hello. I am playing Mako, who is a perceptive Mutant Nano who wears a sheen of ice.


Megan (GM): [00:00:38] All right so last time you all became full members of the Amber Clave which is an organization that's determined to protect all of the Ninth World from any threat that they can discover and they like discovering things. One of their current goals is to set up good relationships with the Conflux, which is an underwater organization based in the city of Morenal. So you are headed to Morenal to meet with the Amber Clave representative who is talking to the Conflux there and bring him some stuff and take whatever information he has back up to the Clave. The problem is you weren't able to get a submergine to take you there so you're headed to meet the Red Fleet who are going to have some sort of festival or party or something out on the ocean in the next couple days. But you currently on your skimmer are headed towards an unknown red light, that only two of your party can see.


Aser (Korshen): [00:01:37] Well thanks to this whole vision sharing thing Mako can see it too!


Megan (GM): [00:01:42] He cannot hear the strange grinding metal song that is calling you to it though.


Landan (Mako): [00:01:50] Yeah, so Mako is still kind of left in the dark here.


Aser (Korshen): [00:01:53] As it were.


Landan (Mako): [00:01:54] Yeah.


Megan (GM): [00:01:55] Are you all going to stay awake and watch what happens.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:01:58] Oh yeah.


Aser (Korshen): [00:01:58] Sounds like a good idea.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:02:00] It's almost time for my watch anyway so....


Megan (GM): [00:02:04] [Laughs] As you keep moving towards this...the siren song, your boat is now on and moving you there quickly. As you start pulling towards the light, you see what looks almost like a flower made of metal spread open on the water ahead of you. It's the size of an island with its petals folded out flat and the sound seems to be emerging from this structure that's in the middle of the ocean.


Aser (Korshen): [00:02:35] Where's the red light coming from?


Megan (GM): [00:02:36] It's emitting from the center of the island.


Aser (Korshen): [00:02:39] Is there a beacon or something?


Megan (GM): [00:02:41] No, It's just sort of a glow that's coming from the center of it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:02:46] All right.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:02:47] Am I still feeling like this is where I need to go?


Megan (GM): [00:02:49] Yep. This is, this is the place to be.


Landan (Mako): [00:02:54] Does Mako, now that he sees like this island and everything, does he recollect any-anything about what in the hell this might be, whether it be trivia or something because this just seems shady as shit? [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:03:12] Uh, yeah, you've spent a lot of time near the water so why don't you give me knowledge roll of some sort.


Landan (Mako): [00:03:17] All right I've got a 15.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:03:19] He's totally going to ruin this.


Landan (Mako): [00:03:20] [Laughs] 


Megan (GM): [00:03:21] Do you have any training or anything like that?


Landan (Mako): [00:03:24] No. It's just the way that "know a little about everything" is described is it's kind of like just minor bits of trivia at random, "you know a little about everything. You are trained in any task that involves identifying objects or calling to mind a minor detail or a bit of trivia."


Megan (GM): [00:03:46] Okay. You've hung out with the Red Fleet sometimes. They do like to hang out at one of the local bars in Harmuth. And they talk about an island, they call the Island of Undoing, that draws in passersby with some sort of song or something, none of them have ever been there but they-they try to avoid it.


Landan (Mako): [00:04:08] Ok. I will be like "Hey guys, I mean I'm not 100 percent certain but I really think this might be that Island of Undoing that the Red Fleet talks about a few times that they try to avoid."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:04:22] What do they know? 


All: [00:04:24] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:04:28] I mean, you tell me Megan. Is he convincing me?


Megan (GM): [00:04:31] Your desire to get to the island is stronger than the arguments he's making, unless he makes some sort of roll or something like that to convince you.


Landan (Mako): [00:04:43] The only thing I could possibly do, but I can't really wrap my head around how I would do it would be intimidate. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:04:52] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:04:54] How about this, I'll let you do something and if you succeed on that task they can reroll their intellect defense against the island.


Landan (Mako): [00:05:03] Because it says like I have like my skill at making deductions can be imposing so I'm trained in any task that involves intimidating another creature. [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:05:16] So maybe it's like your intimidating understanding of the situation might knock them out of it.


Landan (Mako): [00:05:23] Yeah, I think yeah, Mako will just kind of stand and in between like the island and the red light is and where Korshen and Jessamy are looking, kind of like put himself in between and look at them and be like, "look, like you know, the Red Fleet's been on the water for a long time and they say like this particular place is like shady as shit. It's probably for good reason because nobody is likely came back, you know. The freaking seaweed thing we met earlier is probably like, you know, this thing's like little tiny brother and I don't know that we want to mess with this thing. Like, we have a mission, let's do our mission."


Megan (GM): [00:06:09] All right, give me a roll.


Landan (Mako): [00:06:12] I don't think a 5 is gonna cut it. [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:06:13] You are trained but it's not quite enough. You guys are clearly being taken to this island for a reason.


Aser (Korshen): [00:06:22] "Come on Mako, let's just check it out and then we can go back on the mission."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:06:28] "I'm pretty sure this is part of the mission, actually."


Landan (Mako): [00:06:30] "Fine."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:06:37] [Laughs]. Mako is like, just so distraught.


Megan (GM): [00:06:39] [Laughs]. As you get closer to the island you're going to have to figure out some sort of way to navigate the boat because it's just headed there full bore and it's not going pay attention to any shoals or anything like that that it could run aground on.


Aser (Korshen): [00:06:56] Well we could stop the boat. We could turn it off, and then it's floating above the surface right?


Megan (GM): [00:07:04] Yes.


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:05] So someone could swim. Could just take a line and tow it... 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:07:12] [Laughs] I knew where that was going.


Landan (Mako): [00:07:18] Mako will look at Korshen with that, and like, "so you're swimming?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:23] "Yeah I'm not very well adapted."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:07:25] "Oh come on Mako, it's for the team! Look, don't you remember that one time, that one time I helped you when you got stuck in an ultra dimensional anomaly?" 


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:38] There's a callback. 


Megan (GM): [00:07:38] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:07:39] "And I chose to help you even though it meant that I would never get back to my own dimension?" 


Megan (GM): [00:07:48] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:48] Wow.


Landan (Mako): [00:07:50] Wow.


Megan (GM): [00:07:50] This is an intense guilt trip.


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:51] That...


Landan (Mako): [00:07:51] Wow


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:52] just took it up to 11 right away, I was going to start with I'll give you two shins. 


All: [00:07:57] [Laughing]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:01] It's my connection.


All: [00:08:05] [Laughing]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:05] It's literally on my character sheet...[Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:08:07] [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:08:12] [Sighs] Mako will reluctantly walk over to the rope or whatever and yeah, he will activate his ward and ice armor and I guess, yeah hop in the water, and start trying to swim. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:30] Ohhh.


Landan (Mako): [00:08:30] But very on guard and he's really not swimming as fast as he actually could. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:35] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:08:36] Smart.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:38] "Thanks Mako!"


Megan (GM): [00:08:39] You know you see a bunch of other boats that are sort of wrecked along the way headed towards the beach. Some of the boats look like they made it to the beach just fine. But many of them have crashed especially on the wreckage of the other-


Landan (Mako): [00:08:54] Mako point out every single wrecked boat. Constantly saying, "this is a bad idea."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:04] "Man, he's such a party pooper."


Aser (Korshen): [00:09:06] "Yeah, such a downer."


Megan (GM): [00:09:07] But you do - you make it to the shore eventually. And if you climb up on the petals you can sort of get inside of this structure.


Aser (Korshen): [00:09:18] "This Knot's been a whole lot more fun since you signed on." I say before he comes back.


All: [00:09:25] [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:25] "What can I say in my dimension. We know how to have fun." All right. So we're there and there's something we can climb up to look in.


Megan (GM): [00:09:33] Yes. I guess, it looks kind of - a lotus flower might be the best description. So it's very flat. And so if you get up on to one of the petals you can get sort of into the interior of the flower.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:48] Oh, OK. Well I do that. I climb it. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:09:51] I follow. I think the seeker should always go first. 


All: [00:09:55] [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:58] Well she goes. Climbs right over Mako she like steps his shoulder.


Landan (Mako): [00:10:04] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:04] As she goes off of the skimmer.


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:06] As he's trying to get back on the boat. [Laughs].


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:09] Splashes right by him.


Landan (Mako): [00:10:12] [Laughs]. Yeah make Mako will at the very least be making sure he is tying the skimmer off securely so it don't like leave them. [Laughs]. Since it is broken.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:25] We're like your black out drunk friends and you have to take care of us - that's what's happening right now.


Megan (GM): [00:10:30] [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:10:31] And then after he makes sure that the skimmer is not going away he will cautiously follow the other two make sure nothing comes out to like eat them or, you know, like make us just like hyper on edge about everything right now.


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:50] Probably a good idea.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:51] Yes. [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:10:53] This seems to be almost like a jungle type ecosystem in here. And as you head towards the center of this lotus flower type structure and the sun begins to rise, the petals begin to close up, sealing the structure like like the flowers [unintelligible] like it's turning back into bud.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:11:17] Well that's pretty.


Megan (GM): [00:11:18] And you can see daylight coming through at the top top top of the use petals but there doesn't seem to be a way out behind you anymore.


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:30] Oops.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:11:30] Do we see anything else on the inside.


Megan (GM): [00:11:34] Right now all you really see is the jungle and the song starts to die as the flower closes up as well.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:11:43] Oh not the song, I like the song.


Megan (GM): [00:11:45] The song goes away and your urge to be here seems to die along with it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:51] "Hey, Mako?"


Landan (Mako): [00:11:53] "Yes?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:53] I was shouting back. "I think you were right."


Landan (Mako): [00:11:59] "Of course I was."


Megan (GM): [00:12:01] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:01] "Mako. Why did you let us talk you into pulling here?!" 


Megan (GM): [00:12:05] [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:12:07] "Oh I tried to convince y'all otherwise and short of me trying to take on both of y'all, which I really didn't feel like doing at the time. That was probably gonna be about the only way I was going to prevent y'all from coming here."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:20] "Hmm. Well I'm sorry."


Aser (Korshen): [00:12:22] "Any ideas on how to get out of here?"


Landan (Mako): [00:12:24] "Unless any of y'all can phase through walls. I think we might be here for the duration."


Aser (Korshen): [00:12:31] "Well crap." I'd like to use planner okay and just examine the area and then I would like to use my bonus to find an exit and I rolled in at 20.


Megan (GM): [00:12:43] You think that this flower structure probably opens up once a day to lure things into it and then during the day it's all closed up. From what you can tell how the petals are overlapping each other you don't think there's going to be any immediate exits while its closed up unless you're able to go the several hundred feet up to where the sunlight is coming in.


Aser (Korshen): [00:13:08] All right. The problem is that when it opens up it's going to start making that noise again and we're not gonna want to leave. So maybe the thing to do is to go toward the center and disable whatever it is makes that sound.


Megan (GM): [00:13:25] It does seem to be like a fairly large island. It might be about a mile in diameter.


Aser (Korshen): [00:13:31] Ok. Well it shouldn't take that long to get to the middle.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:13:35] Did anything else get captured? Are we alone?


Megan (GM): [00:13:40] Yeah. You don't see one immediately or anything immediately near you.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:13:44] Ok.


Landan (Mako): [00:13:46] "I mean maybe if we hike our way up to the top we can disable this thing from luring others as well."


Aser (Korshen): [00:13:54] "Yeah, it was a rather nasty little trap. All right, let's go."


Megan (GM): [00:14:00] As you start headed towards the center you do start hearing the sound of people.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:14:06] I look at Mako, "do you hear that?"


Megan (GM): [00:14:09] Yes you do. [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:14:11] OK. "Yeah I actually do hear people. I still never heard whatever song y'all were hearing though."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:14:19] Well this is a good litmus test then. So if you hear it, then it's not some evil trick from the island. Maybe. Hopefully.


Aser (Korshen): [00:14:27] It's less likely to be an evil trick from the island.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:14:30] Yes.


Aser (Korshen): [00:14:32] All right where are these people?


Megan (GM): [00:14:34] There seems to be a - some sort of village towards the center of this island. It's not huge. It's smaller than Harmuth but there's at least a couple hundred people who seem to be living here.


Aser (Korshen): [00:14:48] Ok. Perhaps I say, "you two should keep your distance and I will go talk to them."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:14:57] [Short laugh] Jessamy looks a little offended but she hangs back.


Landan (Mako): [00:15:02] Mako gets it.


All: [00:15:03] [Laughter]


Landan (Mako): [00:15:06] He's a mutant. He knows. 


All: [00:15:08] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:09] "Look, look, look I don't mean.. I don't mean anything by it."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:15:14] "Yeah, just go."


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:16] I feel bad about myself but I do go.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:15:19] She says, "it's fine."


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:21] It's not fine.


All: [00:15:24] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:25] It wasn't. OK. I will - I'm going to try to stealth forward-


Megan (GM): [00:15:32] All right.


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:33] -So I don't like draw a line back to them.


Megan (GM): [00:15:36] OK. Good plan.


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:37] I'm going to go ahead and use that XP that we, that Jessamy gave me. OK. Fifteen.


Megan (GM): [00:15:45] All right.


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:46] I'll stand.


Megan (GM): [00:15:48] So you sort of circle half around the village until you find another path - another path leading into it, from a different direction from where you left your friends. Are you going to sneak in past that or?


Aser (Korshen): [00:16:02] No I'm going to come on in looking as non-threatening as possible.


Megan (GM): [00:16:09] All right. Some people seem to notice you they wave and say. "Oh.  Are you new here?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:16:16] "Yes. I'm sorry. I don't know exactly where I am."


Megan (GM): [00:16:23] "The Island of Undoing. This is Delormi, our city. Well, I know it's more of a village but it's nice to call it a city don't you think?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:16:31] "It's very lovely. How did you all come to be here?"


Megan (GM): [00:16:35] "The song drew us all in and we were all fool enough to follow it."


Aser (Korshen): [00:16:40] "Oh really. You're all. How long have you been here."


Megan (GM): [00:16:45] They look around. They've been here from a period of a couple weeks to a couple years.


Aser (Korshen): [00:16:51] "Oh and... you've been able to build this entire community?"


Megan (GM): [00:16:56] "Well [unintelligible] Some of us have been here longer than others. It's - the city's been here for for a long time. It's just we all sort of come and go. Mostly come."


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:08] "Where do people go?"


Megan (GM): [00:17:08] "Well, they - they're trying to find the way off and I don't know if they always succeed, or don't come back to tell us, or what exactly happens."


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:19] "Well I was trying to find the center because I was hoping we could disable whatever the causes of the song. Have you heard of the Amber Clave."


Megan (GM): [00:17:30] "Uh, yeah. Some sort of do-goodery group."


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:36] "Yes, that's us. Well anyway I don't know. Is everyone here - it looks like most people seem to get by all right. You guys seem to be getting along pretty well." And I'm going to use coax information-


Megan (GM): [00:17:51] Okay.


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:53] - to determine exactly how threatening the community is.


Megan (GM): [00:17:57] M'kay.


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:58] And I am skilled in the use of esoteries involving trickery or deception. I'm going to use an XP.


Megan (GM): [00:18:07] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:18:07] That would be a level 6 success.


Megan (GM): [00:18:10] This community seems to be pretty welcoming. Pretty much anyone who gets close enough to the island has the risk of being drawn into it. So it does seem to be fairly diverse. You do see other mutants around.The only thing you really see that look to think there might be some sort of disquiet within the community is there's a group of people who seem to be rather minimalist in their their lifestyles. They all wear similar robes and they're hanging outside of one of the walls. But for the most part seems like a fairly peaceful community. The other thing you notice is there is a tall thin machine rising out of the middle of the city about 25 feet tall and 5 feet square.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:00] "What's that?"


Megan (GM): [00:19:03] "Tower of life."


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:03] "Could you elaborate?" Oh by the way I'm on my link so that they can - they're observing.


Megan (GM): [00:19:11] OK. "Yes. Well the thing about this island is it's sort of sucks your life force out."


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:18] "That sounds a bit unsettling."


Megan (GM): [00:19:21] "Yeah. But if you're close enough to the tower then it doesn't affect you."


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:25] "I see. Is that where the song comes from?".


Megan (GM): [00:19:29] "I'm not sure it does make a weird thumping noise in the night when it's - when it's active."


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:33] "I see." Does this thing have like text messaging capabilities.


Megan (GM): [00:19:39] [Laughs] No.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:39] Damn. Can it hear if I sub-vocalise?


Megan (GM): [00:19:42] You guys do have a telepathic link. It doesn't pick up -I guess it would pick up - No it doesn't pick up sound to share. It just records-


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:53] OK.


Megan (GM): [00:19:54] -your thoughts.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:55] OK so all it can do is pick up what I'm seeing, not what I'm hearing.


Megan (GM): [00:19:58] Yeah, but what it's recording is like what you're thinking about what you're seeing. So they figure that gives them that information they're actually interested in.


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:08] OK. OK. Don't think - don't think inappropriate thoughts. Don't think inappropriate thoughts. 


Megan (GM): [00:20:14] I think you can delete those from your data banks if you want. 


All: [00:20:17] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:19] There's a filter, there's a safe search filter.


Megan (GM): [00:20:22] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:22] Yeah. So I'm relaying, "Guys I think that towers gotta go."


Landan (Mako): [00:20:26] "Seems like a good idea."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:20:29] "All right let's, let's get it."


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:32] "I don't think we do it right now during the day but [laughs] -"


All: [00:20:35] [Laughter].


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:20:40] "What? Fine."


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:40] "These people seem like they'd be really unhappy about that."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:20:43] "They all like being here?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:44] "Well they don't... What. All right. How about this: I will propose that we take out the tower. If they like the idea, you guys come out of hiding. If they don't like the idea, I'll distract them tonight, and you guys do the deed. Right?"


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:21:01] "OK."


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:02] "So I don't know if anyone's ever brought this up but has anyone ever considered that that thing might be the thing that's bringing people here?"


Megan (GM): [00:21:11] "Well, there are some people that think it might be, but it's the only thing that stops the sort of drain from the island so, we don't really want to risk doing something about it."


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:24] "Well, I have access to a skimmer that can get us all out of here."


Megan (GM): [00:21:32] "You can fit 500 people on it?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:33] "Well there are enough boats that look like they're still seaworthy that we can tow them all out." I'm lying my ass off and I have an asset- I have - I'm trained in this. This is probably the role I don't want to miss.


Megan (GM): [00:21:48] Good thing you spent all your XP already.


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:51] Oh, God.


Megan (GM): [00:21:54] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:54] Six plus my training.


Megan (GM): [00:21:57] "That - that is really nice, but I think we'd rather make sure our families were still alive than risk it on something. It sounds that dangerous."


Aser (Korshen): [00:22:07] "Yeah that's probably a good idea. So what do you all do around here? Who are those guys?"


Megan (GM): [00:22:12] "They're the Carrils. They're a weird cult that just started up. They think the island is the voice of their true God. It just - I won't talk to them. They're really obsessive."


Aser (Korshen): [00:22:25] "Okay let's uh, let's not do that. Do you guys have like a town council or something?"


Megan (GM): [00:22:29] "Oh you - you want to talk to Banurno."


Aser (Korshen): [00:22:32] "Banurno?"


Megan (GM): [00:22:35] "Yes."


Aser (Korshen): [00:22:36] "All right." So I'm just going to wander around town making it clear that I am not threatening in any way.


Megan (GM): [00:22:44] "We'll have someone show you to talk to Banurno."


Aser (Korshen): [00:22:46] "Okay." Well yeah like I said I'm just going to pass time by not being threatening.


Megan (GM): [00:22:52] Are you keeping the rest of your party a secret then?


Aser (Korshen): [00:22:54] Yes - unless you guys think that I shouldn't. But it seems like I'm unless unless you guys update me I'm gonna try to keep to my suggested plan of I'll just distract the community and let you guys talk to them. Excuse me, let you guys take care of the problem and I'm going to suggest to Banurno, with persuasion, that tonight I can talk to anyone who is interested and do like a like an 'Ask Me Anything' to update people on what's been going on in the outside world - 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:23:31] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:23:32] - because I think that would be a big draw.


Megan (GM): [00:23:34] All right. Are you guys just going to stay where you are? Are you going to pull back a little bit?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:23:40] I guess we'll pull back. Well..


Landan (Mako): [00:23:42] Yeah.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:23:43] Mako's cool with it.


Landan (Mako): [00:23:45] I think we should hold back a bit, just so that if this community had any type of you know other people outside foraging for I don't know food or whatever, it doesn't look like Mako and Jessamy are just kind of like on the outskirts like creepin' on this village or something you know. [Laughs].


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:06] All right I rolled a Level 6 success on my sales pitch about my 'News of the World' presentation.


Megan (GM): [00:24:12] Banurno is a - he wants to talk to you, and to start spreading the word.


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:19] Uh huh.


Megan (GM): [00:24:20] He likes people to - who join the community to do something that helps the community or helps build it. And so he is a fan of your idea of bringing people together for stories. And suggests that everyone brings some food and have a nice little potluck of it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:40] "Yeah. The more the merrier."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:24:43] I whisper to Mako. "If someone makes funeral potatoes, I'm so jealous."


Landan (Mako): [00:24:51] I ask her "Potatoes? I mean, I'm curious what type of seafood they're gonna make."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:24:57] "Wait, you eat seafood?"


Landan (Mako): [00:24:58] "Yeah."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:25:00] She just stares at him for a long time.


Landan (Mako): [00:25:04] Mako will be like "Yeah, pretty much any type of fish. The only stuff I avoid is things within like octopus and things like that. Like, that's not cool - they're too smart."


Megan (GM): [00:25:17] All right.


Aser (Korshen): [00:25:18] Their relations might come back for revenge.


Landan (Mako): [00:25:21] Exactly.


Megan (GM): [00:25:22] Can you guys give me a perception check?


Aser (Korshen): [00:25:24] All of us or just them?


Megan (GM): [00:25:25] Just them.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:25:28] All right. If this is danger, remember I have a 1 step penalty.


Megan (GM): [00:25:33] All right.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:25:33] And I rolled a one.


Megan (GM): [00:25:34] [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:25:37] I got a 15.


Megan (GM): [00:25:39] As you are staring intently at the town, suddenly a lasso web drops down and pulls up at Jessamy, hauling her up towards the trees. Mako, you're able to to notice that it's coming down but it's too quick for you to be able to stop it from grabbing Jessamy. You can take a turn this round though and she can't.


Landan (Mako): [00:26:06] Is this just like a, cargo net kind of lasso-y thing or -


Megan (GM): [00:26:12] It looks almost like a spider web.


Landan (Mako): [00:26:18] Oh, I don't want to just slash at the bottom of the web and potentially hurt Jessamy. Can I see maybe what's hauling it up? Like, is there a mechanism, or a critter, or -


Megan (GM): [00:26:28] There is a spider in the tree about the size of a Seskii.


Aser (Korshen): [00:26:34] Whoa.


Landan (Mako): [00:26:34] Whoa that's big ass spider. I think once I see that, Mako will just kind of instantly try to onslaught this thing in the face and maybe it might cause it to kind of drop the the web thing.


Megan (GM): [00:26:51] Okay.


Landan (Mako): [00:26:53] That is a 16.


Megan (GM): [00:26:54] It takes damage from being onslaugtted and it will stop hauling Jessamy up but it doesn't drop her. Can you guys roll initiative?


Landan (Mako): [00:27:08] Four.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:09] Eight.


Megan (GM): [00:27:09] It gets to go first. It will try to finish hauling Jessamy up. So that is going to be its turn. And Jessamy you can go.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:24] Okay, I guess I'm going to try to get out of the rope.


Megan (GM): [00:27:30] Okay. You're up on the same branch it's at on now. So you have a little bit of you can steady yourself a bit with that.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:39] Ok. So. Well am I right beside this giant spider thing?


Megan (GM): [00:27:44] Yeah.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:44] OK. Well I guess I will... Can I reach it through the spider web?


Megan (GM): [00:27:52] Yeah. So it just had made like a lasso that it grabbed you with.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:57] Oh, can I breathe?


Megan (GM): [00:27:59] Yes.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:59] OK. Well in that case I will use my dagger to try to cut one of its legs off. [Pause] I rolled a 17, plus two steps.


Megan (GM): [00:28:16] Ok. That will hit.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:17] Awesome, that is two damage.


Megan (GM): [00:28:23] And then you do one extra damage for 17.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:28] Awesome.


Megan (GM): [00:28:29] Mako?


Landan (Mako): [00:28:29] I'm gonna do the same plan. I will end up using my onslaught to pelt this thing in the face.


Megan (GM): [00:28:38] Okay.


Landan (Mako): [00:28:41] And that is a twelve. 


Megan (GM): [00:28:42] That one's going to miss. It's going to try to bite Jessamy now.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:49] Hmm. Okay. I got a 5 on my defense roll.


Megan (GM): [00:28:54] Give me a might defense role as well.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:57] Okay. I got a 7 and I am trained. And I'm switching dice. [Laughs] 


Megan (GM): [00:29:02] Fair. So take four points of damage.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:07] OK.


Megan (GM): [00:29:08] And you see there's four perfectly lined up puncture marks on your arm.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:15] Oh, no.


Megan (GM): [00:29:17] And go ahead and go.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:20] Ok. I would like to try to get away from this thing. So I want to try to get out of the lasso and drop back down to the ground.


Megan (GM): [00:29:31] Okay.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:33] I am trained in all movement. Does that count?


Megan (GM): [00:29:37] Yes, that will work.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:38] OK. I rolled an eleven. Slightly better.


Megan (GM): [00:29:43] You're able to make it out of the lasso.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:47] OK.


Megan (GM): [00:29:47] Are you dropping down the ground right now or -


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:50] If I can. Yes.


Megan (GM): [00:29:53] Sure. Why don't give me another role for that.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:55] OK. A twelve.


Megan (GM): [00:29:58] You take two points of damage as you don't land quite right.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:02] Ok, but I'm out of - out of its immediate zone.


Megan (GM): [00:30:07] Yeah.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:08] Awesome.


Megan (GM): [00:30:09] Mako?


Landan (Mako): [00:30:09] Same thing since that's up in the trees and I'm down on the ground onslaught to the face. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:17] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:30:17] M'kay.


Landan (Mako): [00:30:18] All right that is a 14.


Megan (GM): [00:30:19] That will miss.


Landan (Mako): [00:30:22] Oh.


Megan (GM): [00:30:24] It is - now that it's been noticed and you fought back - it's not going to stay. It's going to scurry away in the trees. So as it scurries away you see it. It's like a large yellow gold-ish spider with a weird purple design on its stomach, sort of like where the hourglass is for a black widow, but it leaves now that you've, uh, you've resisted it's plans to eat you.


Landan (Mako): [00:30:55] "Well hopefully we don't see that thing again."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:59] "No he was he was not very friendly."


Landan (Mako): [00:31:02] "Yeah. Maybe we need to find an area to kind of hide that's not so - has fewer places for spiders to hide in."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:31:13] "That's probably a really good idea." So, can we look for someplace that's got a little more cover. That's not a spider den. [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:31:22] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:31:24] There's like a rocky outcropping you head to.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:31:28] Okay.


Landan (Mako): [00:31:29] Yeah that works.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:31:30] Yeah.


Megan (GM): [00:31:31] All right. Korshen, what are you doing?


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:35] I'm going to continue entertaining people.


Megan (GM): [00:31:38] Why don't you give me a roll for that.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:39] OK. That would be a - if I'm doing pursuade - 12.


Megan (GM): [00:31:44] They are very entertained by your stories. They have a lot of questions about the stuff that's been happening and you might not know exactly everything that's been happening but you're able to tell a convincing enough story that it sounds right.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:58] It's the stories they want to hear.


Megan (GM): [00:32:02] Yeah.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:02] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:32:02] As night begins to fall, you hear the Tower of Life start sort of thrumming and thumping and people start moving closer to it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:32:13] "Oh, hey wait a - hang on. A-are we done?"


Megan (GM): [00:32:17] "Well, if we're not near it, we lose the the protection."


Aser (Korshen): [00:32:22] "Oh? How close do you have to be?"


Megan (GM): [00:32:24] "A hundred feet out."


Aser (Korshen): [00:32:27] "Guys change of plans, you need to show up here right now."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:32] [Laughs] Can we just like sneak into the back of the group and act like we've been there the whole time. 


Landan (Mako): [00:32:37] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:32:39] Uh, sure. Give me some sort of roll. [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:40] [Laughs] Blending. We're rolling to blend.


Megan (GM): [00:32:44] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:46] I rolled a nine. I'm gonna. I'm gonna reroll that with my non-causal ability.


Megan (GM): [00:32:54] Okay.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:55] I got an 18 but -


Aser (Korshen): [00:32:56] Whoo.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:58] Next round it's one step more difficult.


Megan (GM): [00:33:00] Okay. 


Landan (Mako): [00:33:00] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:04] Uh oh. Mako?


Landan (Mako): [00:33:04] I haven't rolled yet. I'm just in my head - I just have the image of like you know all these people and then, you know, you get me - this like, in my head roughly six foot tall-


Megan (GM): [00:33:19] [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:33:19] -you know fair-fairly tall lanky humanoid shark looking dude. You know, I'm totally blending in! [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:33:28] There's a tall shark dude and the tall alien lady, it's fine.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:32] It'll be fine. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:33:32] [Sighs]


Landan (Mako): [00:33:34] [Laughing] I've got a 10. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:33:35] Crap crap crap. "Hey, uh, Jessamy I've got an idea."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:41] "Uhhuh?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:33:42] "Your cypher replicator..."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:45] "Yes."


Aser (Korshen): [00:33:46] "I have a detonation cypher. If we replicate it we'll have two detonation cyphers."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:52] [Laughs] "Okay. Um, I have to be able to see it. So you're gonna have to hold it up."


Aser (Korshen): [00:33:58] "All right. I know how we're gonna do this, it's going to be very dramatic. It might get me killed. But, OK."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:05] "Well, hang on, hang on I also have death metal. I mean metal death." 


All: [00:34:08] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:34:11] Those two things are very different.


All: [00:34:12] [Laughter continues].


Aser (Korshen): [00:34:17] Those are very different things.


All: [00:34:18] [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:18] All right. Let me clarify. [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:34:21] One's conceivably more useful than the other at the moment.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:24] It's a little canister, right? It's got like this shaving cream stuff in it. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:34:29] Uhuh.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:29] But what it does is it turns metal into a brittle thin glass. AKA: easy to break. Isn't this tower metal?


Megan (GM): [00:34:42] It is made of metal.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:44] How, how thick is it?


Megan (GM): [00:34:47] It seems the the tower itself seems to be about five feet in diameter but it's not solid metal.


Aser (Korshen): [00:34:54] All right I'm going to stealth over to you.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:58] [Laughs] You're telling them stories.


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:01] No. They're leaving. They're abandoning me.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:35:04] Oh, OK. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:04] So, I'm going to try to stealth over to you.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:35:08] OK.


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:09] Not very well.[Laughs] "Jessamy? Jessamy?"


All: [00:35:12] [Laughter].


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:35:16] "Shh, shh. Be cool. Be cool." She's the only one that's blending well. 


Megan (GM): [00:35:22] No one's going to be noticing Jessamy they're going to be noticing the shark guy and - who's name presumably is Jessamy - as their new friend runs yelling towards him.


All: [00:35:33] [Laughter continues].


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:05] Go. Go.


Landan (Mako): [00:35:37] Mako, Mako is seeing how all of a sudden everybody's looking at him, while Korshen is you know yelling "Jessamy" and nobody's looking at Jessamy. Just looks incre- you know for a brief second incredibly confused before he realizes - "oh, they think I'm Jessamy" - because of the perception thing.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:36:03] [Laughs].


Landan (Mako): [00:36:04] And so then he just tries to play it off like he is Jessamy.


Aser (Korshen): [00:36:08] I am I'm going to be mentally shouting at Jessamy "put the metal put put it on put it on the tower put it on the tower now."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:36:16] Ok, ok. I metal death it. 


Megan (GM): [00:36:19] All right.


Aser (Korshen): [00:36:19] And I am trying - I'm going to roll a deception. I am overjoyed you- you've- you made it! I thought you were dead! 


Megan (GM): [00:36:29] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:36:29] [Laughs] "Hey everyone look!"


Aser (Korshen): [00:36:34] And I rolled a 15 and I'm trained.


Megan (GM): [00:36:38] Beautiful. You are so glad that you're friends so I've and definitely wants to be here with you right now. 


All: [00:36:45] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:36:50] "You're all right!" I hug him.


Landan (Mako): [00:36:54] "Yeah, I made it. I totally made it."


Megan (GM): [00:36:57] Good thing you can swim.


Landan (Mako): [00:37:00] "Yeah. Nearly lost the boat. I thought you were a goner." 


Megan (GM): [00:37:05] Jessamy you've put the metal death on the tower.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:10] Yeah. So the metal death - it says it will cover a three by three foot area, and it will transform up to a depth of six inches. So I - 


Megan (GM): [00:37:21] All right.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:21] Guess I can get kind of like partially through it-


Megan (GM): [00:37:25] Uhuh.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:25] -and then, Korshen did you take out the detonation cypher?


Aser (Korshen): [00:37:30] Yeah, I'm holding it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:33] OK I replicate it - oh it takes two actions to replicate it. So, as the metal death eats away at the tower, I start to replicate the detonation cypher as well.


Megan (GM): [00:37:46] M'kay. You have a new detonation cypher in your hand, as everyone is overjoyed that their new friend has found his old friend and both of them will be here on the island with them forever.


Aser (Korshen): [00:37:59] [Laughs] God. How are we going to sur- I made - I am sorry.


All: [00:38:07] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:07] I'm sorry. 


Landan (Mako): [00:38:07] [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:11] Wait, what?! Isn't this the plan


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:14] This is the plan -


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:16] Ok.


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:16] Well this the - this is the best plan.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:17] Jessamy -


Megan (GM): [00:38:18] The - the flower does seem to be opening as well. Just add some drama.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:24] Jessamy shoves the detonation cypher into the broken part of the tower and runs away.


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:31] "Friend -"


Landan (Mako): [00:38:34] "Yes?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:34] "I say run." 


All: [00:38:36] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:40] And we go - 


Landan (Mako): [00:38:41] and we book it.


All: [00:38:42] [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:38:46] Beautiful. All right. So everyone's confused about why you're now running. And then there is an explosion behind them as the thing that is keeping them safe, begins to collapse falling down on the city causing some amount of panic. So they don't really know what caused this to happen. So they're not paying much attention to you as you're running. The flower seems to have stalled in opening.


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:12] Uh oh.


Landan (Mako): [00:39:12] Oh no.


Megan (GM): [00:39:14] So it is - it's about two thirds of the way open -


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:18] Oh we can make that.


Megan (GM): [00:39:20] As you - you make it back to the edge where the petals are, so you guys are going to have to give me a climb or some sort of check to be able to get out of these interlocked petals.


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:35] Ok. I'm going to apply a level of effort to this role.


Megan (GM): [00:39:39] Probably good.


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:40] Which gives me a level 5 success.


Megan (GM): [00:39:43] Ok.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:39:45] I rolled a 9. I am trained in movement and that's one level of effort.


Megan (GM): [00:39:52] Okay.


Landan (Mako): [00:39:52] Yeah, I'll go ahead and do an effort too. And I rolled an 18.


Megan (GM): [00:40:00] All right. Very good - you all - it, it's a little bit of an effort because the metal is pretty smooth right you're able to get over the wall and back onto the beach.


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:13] "Mm hmm. There's a part of me that feels really bad just abandoning those people."


Landan (Mako): [00:40:20] "I don't think we could save all of them, we only have room for like five more people I think -"


Megan (GM): [00:40:25] Two more people three if you get rid of the pillows.


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:29] "Nope, not gonna happen."


Landan (Mako): [00:40:32] [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:40:32] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:32] We could. We'll tell the red fleet.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:40:34] Yeah. Yeah. That's their job.


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:38] I don't actually think that's their job. [Laughs].


Landan (Mako): [00:40:39] [Laughs]


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:42] But anyway we'll tell them and then maybe they'll help. They have a lot of ships.


Megan (GM): [00:40:47] They do have more ships than you have.


Landan (Mako): [00:40:49] Yep.


Megan (GM): [00:40:50] All right.


Landan (Mako): [00:40:50] That seems like a good plan.


Megan (GM): [00:40:53] You see the same red light over the island. But there doesn't seem to be that that song right now going on to pull you in towards it and the - the boat seems determined to go back to the original way you were going.


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:06] "All right, let's go."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:08] "Sweet. It's like it never happened."


Landan (Mako): [00:41:10] Everybody get back on, untie the boat, and go on our merry way to hopefully meet the red fleet.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:16] As the island burns in the background behind us.


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:19] Yeah -


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:20] It's fine.


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:20] - it's not actually the the same red light. It's a different - 


All: [00:41:22] [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:22] kind of [laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:41:22] It's fire.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:24] It's fine.


Landan (Mako): [00:41:24] It's fine. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:25] It's fine. 


Landan (Mako): [00:41:25] It's fine. 


Megan (GM): [00:41:30] All right. You did it. You escaped the Island of Undoing. I'll give you guys an additional two XP for next time. We'll see what happens when you find the Red Fleet. Thank you for listening to the Amber Clave and with me today Shaunna -


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:50] Yes. Thank you for listening. This is awkward. Sorry, I played Jessamy. Sorry I made that weird you can find me on Twitter @CallMeShaunna S H A U N N A.


Megan (GM): [00:42:02] Landan -


Landan (Mako): [00:42:03] Yep. And I've been playing Mako otherwise kind of known as shark boy. You can find me on Twitter @Solemn_Lyrian


Megan (GM): [00:42:15] Aser -


Aser (Korshen): [00:42:17] This is Aser. I play Korshen Lambro, he team's designated liar. You can find me on Twitter @Aser_Tolentino.


Megan (GM): [00:42:26] This is Megan. I've been you GM for today. You can find me on Twitter @curium247 or you can find all of us at the podcast @AmberClave. Thank you so much for listening and we'll see you again next week for more adventures in the Ninth World.