The Amber Clave

The Amber Clave: Season 1 Episode 1

Episode Summary

A newly formed knot of the Amber Clave are sent on a mission under the sea. But first they must find a way to get there.

Episode Notes

A newly formed knot of the Amber Clave are sent on a mission under the sea. But first they must find a way to get there.

GM: Megan
Players: Aser, Landan, and Shaunna

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Episode Transcription

Amber Clave S1E1.mp3

Megan (GM): [00:00:05] Hello this is the Amber Clave podcast and we're playing Numenera. Today we have with us Aser.


Aser (Korshen): [00:00:14] Hello. I'm playing Korshen Lambro, a resourceful stealthy glint who wields a whip.


Megan (GM): [00:00:21] Shaunna.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:00:22] Hi. I'm playing Jessamy Gray, a resourceful ultraterrestrial seeker who hunts with great skill.


Megan (GM): [00:00:29] And Landan.


Landan (Mako): [00:00:32] I will be playing Mako who is a perceptive Mutant Nano who wears a sheen of ice.


Megan (GM): [00:00:37] And this is Megan I'm the GM for this podcast and we are going to start in a little town on the coast called Harmuth. You all belong to an organization called the Amber Clave and this is an organization that brings together anyone who's willing to help them to work to protect to the Ninth World from any sort of threat whether it be ultraterrestrial, extraterrestrial, terrestrial - any sort of threat at all - but they're willing to take help from pretty much anyone to protect the Ninth World which sets them a little bit apart from a lot of the other organizations. And so you all have gone through some years of training, learning how to control some of your abilities, learning about the organization and what everyone in there stands for. And you've all finally been initiated as members of the Resin guard. The final step in the initiation is you get a special implant in your head which allows you to communicate with other people who are in your little - they call them a Knot, it's like your little squad, your little group of people who travel together, fighting evil, discovering new things and this mesh implant allows you to communicate with them you can see through each other's eyes if the person whose eyes you're seeing through says you can and also communicates back to the Amber Clave if there is a Amber Clave building nearby. So why don't you tell me who you are, what you look like, how you got here. You don't have to go all the way into your history if you don't want to have everything planned out yet but give us an overview. Landan why don't you go first.


Landan (Mako): [00:02:16] As far as Mako's looks - he's completely hairless. His skin is a bit leathery that kind of like your stingray or a mako shark. He is an aquatic mutant so he's amphibious and that he can breathe underwater. His coloration as kind of shark-like so silvery-grey colors. And he's got webbed fingers and toes and his eyes are silver and because of his mutation he does have a bit of a draw back in areas of really bright light and such. So he does have some goggles of sorts for when he's in bright areas. He was mutated early age from encountering some sentient Portuguese man o' wars practically that were like super huge and kind of grew up underwater and I forget the name of a town where the Conflux is based.


Megan (GM): [00:03:13] Uh, Marenal.


Landan (Mako): [00:03:16] Yeah, Marenal. And grew up down there not really a member of the Conflux or anything even though he wanted to join what he was trying to join the Conflux. He bumped into a person with the Amber Clave that was trying to work something out I guess with the Conflux and ended up joining the Amber Clave instead and went back up to the surface and trained with them for a bit and everything until I guess here we are now with him being a member of the Resin guard.


Megan (GM): [00:03:44] All right, so what about Jessamy?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:03:47] All right. So Jessamy is ultra terrestrial, so that means she's actually originally from another dimension. So the form that people see most of the time is basically her representation of herself in this dimension. So she kind of has a childish cartoon innocent looking face because she was looking at cartoons you know like, how do I represent myself in this world if that makes sense. But she's also kind of unnervingly tall for a female. She is I would say maybe 6' 2" so very tall. Half of her head is shaved. And the other half is long and she wears it braided of course because she an adventurer. That's what she does. She has not been in this dimension for a very long time, part of her back story is that the other PCs were caught in a dimensional anomaly, but that kind of makes her new to this plane. But she is now here to help study this dimension since it's new to her and she kind of got pulled in with the crowd that studies this dimension so that I guess she kind of is just like well that's what I do. I study the dimensions now. She is kind of happy go lucky, but she's also a really good hunter so she can be very intense and focused at times.


Megan (GM): [00:05:15] And when training exercises go round in the ninth world they really go wrong.


Aser (Korshen): [00:05:18] Also sometimes it's all about the grant you can get not the one that you wanted.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:05:23] Right.[Laughs] True.


Megan (GM): [00:05:27] What does Korshen look like?


Aser (Korshen): [00:05:29] Korshen doesn't look like an adventurer. He's a bit shorter, slightly built. He does look like he's outside a lot. He's got very weathered features, very tan skin. He actually started out life in the uncompensated labor market. He did not like that. And so he might have staged a slave revolt. Part of that involved killing an overseer and using their whip as a weapon. So he now uses that with with pride and likes to beat up on slavers whenever he can. Somewhere along the way, since he's made many enemies, a representative of the Amber Clave said that they had an employment opportunity very far away and he might be interested in that. So he signed up immediately because it came with a ticket out of town.


Megan (GM): [00:06:18] Best type of ticket.


Aser (Korshen): [00:06:20] Yes. His abilities center on persuasion and trying to de-escalate situations and negotiate. Also though he can hit you with a whip really hard. So that's Korshen. He has brown eyes and prematurely graying hair.


Megan (GM): [00:06:37] You have spent at least a little bit of time, maybe Jessamy less than the others, living in the Clave which is the local headquarters for the Amber Clave in Harmuth. It's a dome shaped building and the top part of the dome is made out of clear synth and that's inset in amber sort of fractaling out from a center point of the dome and down from that center point is a long tall array and this is how the mesh implants you each have are able to communicate back with the Clave. Most of the rooms are collections of research rooms for the residents, libraries or cool artifacts, not necessarily the artifacts that give you cool abilities but things from previous worlds that the Clave collects. The Orate, who is the person in charge is named Pillany Cottertin. She is excited to meet with the three of you in her office about the first mission you will be sent on.


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:37] How long ago did we have the implants put in?


Megan (GM): [00:07:39] A couple days.


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:41] Did we go through training together?


Megan (GM): [00:07:43] Yes.


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:44] OK. Was it an outpatient procedure?


Megan (GM): [00:07:46] Yes, [laughs] it was like having a spike driven into your head almost.


Aser (Korshen): [00:07:52] Oh. Wow I don't know - I don't know if I like the health plan. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:07:58] It was pretty painless. This is the technology that they've been working on perfecting and improving for about 100 years so it's not perfect but it doesn't hurt as much as it used to. 


Aser (Korshen): [00:08:10] Yay.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:09] Can you see, like can you look at people and tell if they have the implant?


Megan (GM): [00:08:14] No it's not something like the visible. Each of you were given a pendant that you could wear, it's made out of amber and it's carved with a tree. And that's usually how you are able to recognize other members of the Resin guard.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:28] What about Pillany? What's she like?


Megan (GM): [00:08:29] She is a larger, happily plump woman. She enjoys being in charge of the Clave, she enjoys doing her research and she generally pretty happy overall.


Aser (Korshen): [00:08:45] So this isn't someone that's involved in field operations.


Megan (GM): [00:08:48] No she doesn't, she - she does the research she doesn't go out and get the stuff that is being researched.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:55] She likes being in the air conditioned lab.


Aser (Korshen): [00:08:57] Wow. She's smarter than us.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:08:59] I get that.[Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:09:01] It's a good place to be.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:05] It is. Let's just get into the Clave for a second. What's the dormitory situation like?


Megan (GM): [00:09:10] When you're training you have, you're like in a room with a couple of bunks in it. You have like a desk to yourself and a bathroom you share with the other three people in your room. Once you become a member of the Clave you get your own sort of monk sort of room with it just a bed and a desk that you can decorate how you want. You can fill it up with whatever you want. It's not fancy until you add to it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:39] Ok. I would like to say that Jessamy is very curious about what other people do to their rooms because she's not used to the concept of decorating this tiny little room.


Megan (GM): [00:09:51] [Laughs] You just have like leaves pinned to the wall?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:09:53] Yeah. And anytime she walks down the hall she's like really trying to look into people's rooms and it makes them really uncomfortable.


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:00] When you moved in did you just like knock on everyone's door to say hi.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:04] Yeah. Hi! [Laughs] Hi!


Landan (Mako): [00:10:05] I think Mako's room is probably decorated a bit with just miscellaneous shells of aquatic creatures that he thought were fascinating and things of that nature. Very nautical themed stuff.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:21] Oh. Shells. I need to get some of those.


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:23] Korshen decorates his room with wanted posters of himself.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:29] Wow. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:10:34] Wow. A little vain.


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:35] They're not from like governments. They're like the flyers that people pass out on the street you know.


Megan (GM): [00:10:43] In Uxphan?


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:43] Yeah [laughs] particularly in Uxphan. Actually Uxphan might be the exception, the government in Uxphan might want to talk to him.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:10:51] [Laughs] Oh man.


Aser (Korshen): [00:10:52] I think Megan mentioned that the Amber Clave isn't really welcome in Uxphan.


Megan (GM): [00:10:54] They keep trying to make inroads and it's progressing a little.


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:00] [Laughs] It's a work in progress. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:11:03] The problem with building a Clave there and then filling it with mutants and ultra terrestrials is the locals can get upset if they are incredibly close minded like Uxphan is.


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:15] Yeah. So you know, probably not best to take inspiration from my decorating style.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:11:21] Well Jessamy is going to be looking for a poster of you.


Megan (GM): [00:11:25] You can borrow one, he has so many.


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:29] There are a lot and you know it starts real modest. You know like 5 shins for information about this person.[Shaunna laughs] And I think we'll probably up to about 100 shins at this point.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:11:38] Wow.


Megan (GM): [00:11:39] Pillany's office is filled with books and she does have a nice cushioned chair for her to read in. It's very homey and comforting.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:11:50] Does she had like a jar of candies? Of Course she does.


Megan (GM): [00:11:51] Yeah. She has like a jar of candies. There's a nice window that's already making really warm with natural light.


Aser (Korshen): [00:11:59] Are we actually in the middle of the building?


Megan (GM): [00:12:01] It's on one of the edges.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:02] This is very nice.


Aser (Korshen): [00:12:03] Well I guess we stand there and wait to be told we can sit down.


Megan (GM): [00:12:06] She gestures for you to sit as soon as you come in.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:08] Now does she have office chairs or does she have like a couch sitting area?


Aser (Korshen): [00:12:13] Does she have a conversation nook? [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:12:16] She has like hanging chairs like little hammock-y chairs?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:21] Yes! Oh my gosh I love her.


Megan (GM): [00:12:23] There always seems to be just enough chairs for the people she's having a meeting with hanging from her ceiling. There's never too many, never too few.


Aser (Korshen): [00:12:32] Let's not think about that. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:12:36] Maybe she just likes everyone to feel welcome and like they have a place.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:39] Well I do. I, I go in and I take a piece of candy and then I have a seat in one of the hanging chairs.


Megan (GM): [00:12:47] So she welcomes you to sit down and says "Congratulations on completing your training. I'm so proud of each and every one of you."


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:12:55] Oh thank you.


Aser (Korshen): [00:12:56] Thank you.


Landan (Mako): [00:12:57] Thank you.


Megan (GM): [00:12:58] We do have something important for you to do, it's not a very complicated mission or a quest whatever you want to call it. It's just going to be a little time consuming and you are going to have to travel out into the ocean.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:13:14] OK.


Landan (Mako): [00:13:14] Nothing wrong with that.


Aser (Korshen): [00:13:15] I think that should be fine.


Megan (GM): [00:13:17] I don't know if you remember Briden Clay? He was here for a little bit before he set out to go down to Morenal to try to make, make nice with the Conflux, I guess we could say. We're looking to try to build a relationship with them where we share knowledge and resources and really expand what we're able to do on the ninth world. But the problem is the mesh implants they don't really communicate all the way back up from under the water to the surface and then the distance back here so we need some people like you to head out to Morenal and visit Briden and make sure he has everything he needs, take him some recent scrolls we found we think the Conflux might be interested in and download what he has in his implant and bring it back to us.


Aser (Korshen): [00:14:16] Are we thinking that the Conflux will be willing to host one of the arrays.


Megan (GM): [00:14:22] Well, that is one of the things we're hoping for that we'll be able to put an array or something like it down there and maybe one on the surface or were able to communicate down there quite easily. But I think that might be a little ways off. First we need to make sure they know they can trust us.


Aser (Korshen): [00:14:40] How are we going to get down there?


Landan (Mako): [00:14:42] I can swim!


Megan (GM): [00:14:44] Yes that that does help you at least. Jessamy and Korshen I don't think will be able to deal with the pressure quite as well as you. We do have a submergine, it's just that Briden took it down with him to Morenal and so we don't have access to it at the moment. I think what would be best is for you to make contact with the Red Fleet. I did try reaching out to them but it appears all their submergines are out in the water right now but they are having a meeting, a sort of festival of some sort, out on the water where you should be able to get to them and talk to them about taking you down there.


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:29] That sounds good. Do we know where this is happening or do we need to talk to them?


Megan (GM): [00:15:32] Oh we do. I have the location you need to go to here- and she slides a piece of paper across the table. If you get a skimmer from Glaas down by the docks she should be able to program this into, into the skimmer and it will take you right where you need to go.


Aser (Korshen): [00:15:51] Terrific.


Megan (GM): [00:15:52] And then when you meet with the Red Fleet just talk the Animar Taryn and they will get you down to Morenal I know they go there quite often.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:16:00] And where are the scrolls and things that we are taking, that we are delivering?


Megan (GM): [00:16:04] Right here. So she takes out a bundle of scrolls. They seem to be on very thin delicate paper but they're in clear synth containers sealed up both in and then filled with water. She also gives you a device that lets you download an implant so that you can re-upload the material on it once you're close to an array and some various sized orbs, she tells you that they are not really sure what they do. They glow when they're in contact with water and she thinks the Conflux might be interested in them. They're just really throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:16:48] Excellent.


Megan (GM): [00:16:49] That is a very common saying in the Ninth World that no one understands what it means. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:16:54] And you should be able to get the cyphers you need from our collection and we can probably provide you with some shins to buy anything else you think you're going to need. Try not to be too big of spenders but if it's important just, just let me know.


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:11] Thank you.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:17:13] We'll save our receipts.


Megan (GM): [00:17:14] Perfect. So she will congratulate you all again on graduating, getting your implants, and becoming full members of the Resin guard and bustle you out of her office.


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:30] Two people come in after us, and when we look back there are only two chairs.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:17:35] Magic! I mean Numenera! [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:17:42] All right. So should we stop and grab gear first. You guys want to look for anything. Get our, get our shins allowance?


Landan (Mako): [00:17:50] I think that's a good idea before heading out to try to find this Animar Teryn with the Red Fleet.


Aser (Korshen): [00:17:56] I need a light weapon that works under water because the whip will not.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:18:00] I guess a bow won't either, but a rapier should work fine. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:18:06] So this is my favorite item. Lead shoes. Weighted boots that slow movement to half but allow underwater walking.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:18:14] Well the place we're going, is it like...


Aser (Korshen): [00:18:16] Is it like a domed city?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:18:20] Yes.


Megan (GM): [00:18:21] Morenal is a domed city so once you're in the city you are able to breathe normally. The pressures normalize so you don't have to worry about that and the submergine will take care of between when you're on the surface and getting down there. If you want to go outside of the city at all you're going to need something but most of that stuff would probably be available there as well because Morenal has a lot of humans that live there. It's actually mostly humans.


Aser (Korshen): [00:18:50] I'm sort of a paranoid guy.


Megan (GM): [00:18:53] Mhmm.


Aser (Korshen): [00:18:53] Slavery will do that to you but yeah. So I think we should have this equipment on hand in case something should happen to the submergine or someone should violently dispute our ownership of the submergine. That kind of thing. [Pause] I seem to recall that there are like bubble suits that you can buy?


Megan (GM): [00:19:12] All right. So there are bubble wrap, it offers buoyancy and pressure protection as well as heat and cold protection for five hours and it doesn't provide armor but can be worn over light armor.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:24] So I'd recommend we'd get at least the bubble wrap.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:19:26] Bubble wrap sounds good to me.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:29] Is there an underwater spear?


Megan (GM): [00:19:30] There is a fin piercer. It is a dual-edged piercing weapon made a metal, one & a half feet long. There is an elbow harpoon but that one's medium.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:42] I'll take the fin piercer.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:19:44] Jessamy holds up her rapier and she's like, "I have my fin piercer right here."


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:49] Will that work underwater?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:19:51] It's a sword. It will work anywhere.


Aser (Korshen): [00:19:58] Have you tried that? 


Landan (Mako): [00:19:58] Just the same.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:19:58] She pokes Korshen and she's like "yeah, it's fine."[Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:04] I mean you know it may not be balanced for underwater like this thing is.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:20:07] Oh but I am.


Landan (Mako): [00:20:10] I'm good for underwater cause I've got the forearm blade as well as my esoteries and stuff.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:20:17] All right. So what's our shins stipend.


Megan (GM): [00:20:19] You each have ten additional shins to spend other than getting the armor and weapons.


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:25] I stock up on detonation cyphers.


Megan (GM): [00:20:26] Ok


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:30] You said we could take stuff from the collection.


Megan (GM): [00:20:31] You can pick any cyphers you want to start out with.


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:34] I'm taking an overwatch defender.


Megan (GM): [00:20:37] Your favorite one. [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:39] I love those guys.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:20:41] I picked a clamp trap metal death and a cypher replicator. So if either one of you guys found anything that's super cool and I get really jealous I can just make a copy of it. [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:20:53] Wow that's a neat one. Yeah. So I'm going to take the overwatch defender and detonation cypher.


Landan (Mako): [00:21:00] The cyphers I have gotten are an analysis scanner and energy siphon and an instant shelter. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:21:07] Ohh.


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:09] Oh, those are nice.


Megan (GM): [00:21:09] You all are supplied now you have all the things you want and you can go get a skimmer. Are you going to head out that day are you gonna wait till the morning?


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:18] Let's get going. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:21:22] Also we're like fresh you know.


Landan (Mako): [00:21:24] We're over exuberant.


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:27] We've got you know we've got.


Landan (Mako): [00:21:28] We got a mission.


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:29] We've got a little something to prove.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:21:31] It's for the greater good. That too.


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:33] The greater good. [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:36] We're going to be the best delivery people [laughter] ever seen.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:21:42] That's right, we could change the world with this mission.


Megan (GM): [00:21:44] Do you get a water bag to put all the stuff in?


Aser (Korshen): [00:21:47] Oh yeah. Probably a good idea.


Megan (GM): [00:21:50] So you head over to Glaas Keen's shop. He has a bunch of skimmers that he is happy to rent out, especially to the Amber Clave, he has a standing agreement. He is able to activate a control on them to have them return back home whenever he wants. So he's not too worried about people stealing them just about them not paying.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:22:12] Do you have any upgraded skimmers?


Megan (GM): [00:22:17] What kind of upgrades?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:22:18] Well something just to make it a little more comfortable? You see I'm not super terrestrial and I get I get a little seasick and I would hate to ruin one of these fine crafts that you have here.


Megan (GM): [00:22:35] Yes. Well you could pay a couple extra shins and get one with more cushions in it. Or I could sell you some tinctures that help with the sea sickness.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:22:49] How many extra shins?


Megan (GM): [00:22:51] Two extra shins per day for the cushions, the tinctures cost the five shins each.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:22:57] What are the side effects of these tinctures? [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:23:04] Well you get a little more sensitive to the sun. So it's easier to get sunburned. But that's what hats are for.


Aser (Korshen): [00:23:12] He'll also sell you hats. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:23:15] I have a nice collection of hats right over here.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:23:20] You know that sounds a little like it might be too much?  So the cushions, the cushions sound nice, but you know what? Pillany told us it was, it was fine. And you could just bill the main office for the difference.


Megan (GM): [00:23:37] Do you want to give me a roll to convince him?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:23:38] Sure. I have nothing to add to this.


Aser (Korshen): [00:23:44] Maybe I should do this.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:23:47] What! Go for it glint, if you want to. You see me fumbling for words as I try to work my way into an upgrade and step in to make it sound better.


Aser (Korshen): [00:23:57] I rolled a 13 with training.


Megan (GM): [00:24:00] You see his eyes light up a little bit at the thought of getting more money from the Clave and he's like, "oh yes why don't you just sign some agreements here and sign here and here and here..."


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:15] [Laughter] Wait Wait wait wait wait wait. Just one second.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:24:18] Jessamy does it, Jessamy grabs a pen. Starts signing everything.


Megan (GM): [00:24:24] He's not cheating you. He's just making sure he has in writing that they're going to pay.


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:30] Oh ok, I don't have to roll to sense deception?


Megan (GM): [00:24:32] No.


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:32] OK.


Megan (GM): [00:24:34] He's not going to take advantage that much of a group that powerful in their tiny little city just enough to be like hey maybe [laughs] I should send a supervisor.


Aser (Korshen): [00:24:46] These people really shouldn't have contracting authorization.[Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:24:51] And he will program the location that Pillany gave you and you are all set to go on the skimmers. The skimmers are a mechanical craft that float above the water and they sort of skim the surface with synth sails. They're about 18 feet long. They can carry up to six people. You're comfy. Maybe the cushions take up the space for one of the people but there's still plenty of room for all of you on there.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:25:17] Awesome. I wave goodbye to anyone that's standing on the dock as we sail away.


Megan (GM): [00:25:24] There's a few people who are standing on a dock. Maybe a couple of your classmates will wave goodbye jealous that you guys get like go all the way to an underwater city and they're just like headed over to Qi to bring back some documents for Pillany's collection. But they will wave goodbye regardless.


Aser (Korshen): [00:25:44] Does anyone get the idea that this lady is abusing [laughs] her position?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:25:50] No. It's fine. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:25:50] It's really safe to store things here.


Aser (Korshen): [00:25:57] Also some of the people getting in one of the other skimmers are like, why does they get so many more cushions?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:26:01] [Laughs] I know. Jessamy just like leans back on the cushions and waves to people.


Megan (GM): [00:26:10] So it's pretty smooth sailing, even when there are waves it seems to compensate for them. So you guys don't feel too seasick plus you're super comfortable as you head out. [Laughter] Going sort of southwesterly down to the point that he's programmed in. It's going to be a couple days travel. So what are you guys doing while you're on this skimmer?


Aser (Korshen): [00:26:34] Korshen I think is trying to figure out how the fin piercer is supposed to work. How fast is the thing going?


Megan (GM): [00:26:39] Maybe about 30 miles per hour.


Aser (Korshen): [00:26:41] Ok. So he'll maybe like try tossing something off the bow of the boat and try to hit it with the whip as it goes by.


Megan (GM): [00:26:48] What's Mako doing?


Landan (Mako): [00:26:50] I think Mako occasionally will be at the front of the boat kind of like meditating but when he meditates he'll activate his oddity which causes all these holographic fish to start swimming around him. And then when he's not meditating doing that he might be kind of doing some just practice with the forearm blade and then maybe if possible occasionally if the boat slows down a little bit he might hop in the water and swim for a bit and hop back on the boat or something.


Megan (GM): [00:27:23] What's Jessamy doing?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:27:25] Well, I will tell you for sure that Jessamy is very excited about those holographic fish whenever they're out. [Laughs] But when they're not out, Jessamy has a weird obsession with vintage fashion magazines and so she has brought a vintage fashion magazine with her and she reads it very carefully the fine print and everything cover to cover and she goes back through and re-reads it. Over and over again throughout the trip. She takes all the quizzes she chooses different answers every time she tries to get everyone else to take the quizzes too.


Megan (GM): [00:28:08] Do you guys take the quizzes?


Aser (Korshen): [00:28:10] Sure. [Laughter]


Landan (Mako): [00:28:13] Yeah I think Mako being a curious sort probably would too because he's kind of like what's this?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:18] Mako we can definitely tell you which Backstreet Boy should date you. But make sure you answer truthfully or we won't get the right answer. So that's what Jessamy does.[Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:28:32] A little bit into your trip, maybe a day or two in, the skimmers seems to start to slow down. You can feel it sort of struggling to keep moving forward.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:42] Mm hmm. I look around. Has anything changed outside of the skimmer?


Megan (GM): [00:28:48] Why don't you give me a perception check?


Aser (Korshen): [00:28:51] Oh that was bad.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:28:52] I got a seven but have an inability to noticing danger. So if this thing is dangerous keep that in mind. [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:29:02] I rolled a ten but I'm trained in any task that involves finding or noticing small details.


Megan (GM): [00:29:09] You guys look down into the water trying to figure out what's going on, Mako notices there seems to be some sort of like seaweed or plant or something that's getting caught up in the skimmers that are propelling the boat along.


Landan (Mako): [00:29:21] I think we've got caught in some seaweed.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:29:24] Hmm. Can we eat it?


Landan (Mako): [00:29:25] I'm not sure. Can I make a knowledge roll on that?


Megan (GM): [00:29:28] Yeah make some sort of knowledge roll.


Landan (Mako): [00:29:29] One of my things too is I know a little about everything.


Megan (GM): [00:29:35] Perfect. 


Landan (Mako): [00:29:38] That is a 13.


Megan (GM): [00:29:40] You recognize bulbous growths on it. It's green with these red leaves and then growths that you recognize as sort of fruit where it buds out and that leads you to conclude that this isn't just seaweed. It's a Spirril which is a sort of carnivorous plant that tends to hunt for prey underwater or near the surface of water.


Landan (Mako): [00:30:08] I think the seaweed is known as Spirril guys, and it's a bit carnivorous and I think it's mistaken the skimmer for food.


Aser (Korshen): [00:30:17] How far away is it?


Megan (GM): [00:30:18] The skimmer's only a couple feet tall so it's sort of underneath your feet.


Aser (Korshen): [00:30:23] I can hit that with the whip.


Megan (GM): [00:30:24] Yeah. Because you can see where it's getting caught up in the skimmer engine.


Aser (Korshen): [00:30:29] All right I'll give it a whack. That'll be a 16.


Megan (GM): [00:30:31] You're using the light weapon and so that hit.


Aser (Korshen): [00:30:34] That'll be four points of damage.


Megan (GM): [00:30:35] It sort of recoils away from the skimmer it's wrapping around and you see it begin to slither against the completely smooth surface of the boat. And now it's starting to come aboard to investigate up here.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:49] Hmm.


Megan (GM): [00:30:51] So why don't you all roll initiative for me?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:54] A lucky 13.


Landan (Mako): [00:30:56] Same with me. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:30:57] Ohh.


Aser (Korshen): [00:30:59] I use an XP. Nine.


Megan (GM): [00:31:04] All right. It's going to go first. It will coil up and sort of strike out and grab at Korshen wrapping its coils around you pretty tightly.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:16] No!


Megan (GM): [00:31:16] Attempting to.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:18] No!


Megan (GM): [00:31:18] So you can give me speed defense.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:20] Seventeen.


Megan (GM): [00:31:21] So you see it coming and manage to throw a cushion in the way. So it coiled around the cushion instead of you-


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:27] No our safety deposit!


Megan (GM): [00:31:30] [Laughs] -Confusing it for a moment and then you guys can go, who wants to go first?


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:34] I want to hit it.


Megan (GM): [00:31:34] OK.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:36] Two.


Megan (GM): [00:31:39] That does not hit it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:31:39] I assumed it wouldn't.


Landan (Mako): [00:31:42] I will activate my ice armor.


Megan (GM): [00:31:45] OK.


Landan (Mako): [00:31:47] When I activate my ice armor one of the abilities is one of the members in the party can also gain the ice armor if Mako has known Korshen longer than he probably have the ice armor go to Korshen.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:05] Makes sense.


Aser (Korshen): [00:32:06] Oh good, I don't think I can wear armor.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:08] And he's squishy.


Megan (GM): [00:32:09] He is squishy, he's your bard.


Landan (Mako): [00:32:11] Mako does like a defensive pose and when he does ice kind of coalesces around him and then you see at the same moment this ice kind of form around Korshen as well.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:23] Chilly.


Landan (Mako): [00:32:23] So you get plus one to your armor, plus two if it's against cold.


Aser (Korshen): [00:32:29] I am shivering though. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:32:32] Jessamy what do you want to do?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:32:33] I would like to use my clamp trap and the effect is that when activated this device becomes a pressure plate trap that clamps around anything that triggers it. Visible when activated, deals two damage plus one per minute when activated. So I'm going to activate the trap and toss it in front of this seaweed creature and then stand back behind the trap so hopefully it is still coming towards us. I want to place the trap between the party and the seaweed.


Megan (GM): [00:33:13] Why don't you give me some sort of roll to tempt it to come towards you.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:17] I do not think I have any skills that will help me so I will just roll, I rolled an eleven.


Megan (GM): [00:33:23] I think that will do. I'll offer you a GM intrusion though.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:28] OK.


Megan (GM): [00:33:29] The vine sort of goes towards you as you make yourself big and loud and threatening. It decides to take you out first and the trap clamps down around it and as it does it bursts some of the spore fruit that's on it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:45] Awesome. [Laughs]


Megan (GM): [00:33:48] Why don't you give me a might defense roll.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:33:50] Oh okay. I am trained in might defense, but I rolled a five.


Megan (GM): [00:33:57] So you are blinded and you're gonna stay blinded until you can wash out your eyes with water or something like that.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:04] Okay. Actually since I am ultra terrestrial I am non causal.


Megan (GM): [00:34:10] Uh huh


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:10] If you roll on a die and get a result you don't like. You can insert yourself a few seconds back in your own timeline and choose the result you like best. But this increases the difficulty of all tasks by one step the following turn. So I would like to use that and try to roll again.


Megan (GM): [00:34:28] Okay.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:30] Haha! I rolled an 18 this time.


Megan (GM): [00:34:33] OK. You see yourself becoming blinded and say nope that's not for me.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:38] Nope.


Megan (GM): [00:34:39] And move aside.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:41] Yeah. She looks kind of blurry I think to everyone else for a couple seconds. But she looks like she's lost her wits for a few seconds afterwards too as she tries to figure out exactly where she is again.


Megan (GM): [00:34:54] You get one XP to hand out to someone else.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:34:57] Okay I give it to the seaweed. No I'm just kidding. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:35:02] It rerolls!


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:35:04] I will give it to Korshen for the upgrade earlier. [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:10] Well we still have some more extra cushions so we're doing, we're still ahead.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:35:13] That's right!


Megan (GM): [00:35:14] It didn't throw the cushion overboard, it's still there just wrapped around it trying to kill it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:20] We just have to wash it off.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:35:23] It'll be fine.


Megan (GM): [00:35:23] The Spirril breaks off where the clamp trap was around it and will go for Mako this time.


Landan (Mako): [00:35:31] I rolled an 18.


Megan (GM): [00:35:33] You are also able to avoid it. Maybe it gets a hand around you and it slips on the cold ice of your armor and isn't able to squeeze or tighten on you at all as it just slides off.


Landan (Mako): [00:35:46] Nice.


Megan (GM): [00:35:49] Korshen go ahead.


Aser (Korshen): [00:35:51] Let's do this again. Better this time. Ok, so that's 18 with the asset. Using a light weapon gives.


Megan (GM): [00:36:02] 18 total?


Aser (Korshen): [00:36:03] Yep.


Megan (GM): [00:36:04] OK, you hit.


Aser (Korshen): [00:36:05] So that's four more points of damage. "Back!"


Megan (GM): [00:36:11] It's hungry though. Mako.


Landan (Mako): [00:36:13] I am going to go ahead and use my onslaught on the one that keeps trying to slither and grab Korshen. Is the orange one with like the Numenera Cetic-knot thing the 20?


Megan (GM): [00:36:30] I think that's the 20.


Landan (Mako): [00:36:32] OK then I roll the 20.


Megan (GM): [00:36:34] Do you want to do a major effect do you want to do the extra four points of damage?


Landan (Mako): [00:36:38] I may end up just going the extra four damage. I think that'll be more beneficial.


Megan (GM): [00:36:44] Yeah.


Landan (Mako): [00:36:45] Mako just kind of propels his right hand out and then this energy coalesces and then starts to freeze and shoots all these little tiny ice shards out towards the thing and does eight points of damage.


Megan (GM): [00:37:01] It sort of seems to be moving slower now that it's, it's slightly frozen. Jessamy.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:08] Jessamy pulls out her dagger now that the trap has been pushed aside and moves to cut the vines. So I have two steps from being trained, and it's a light weapon and I rolled a 19.


Megan (GM): [00:37:26] Awesome! Do you want to do extra damage or do you wanna minor effect?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:29] I think extra damage.


Megan (GM): [00:37:31] Good choice. You kill it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:34] Yes.


Megan (GM): [00:37:35] So as you stab into it stops sort of struggling and just lies on your deck oozing plant blood.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:43] "Don't let it get on the pillows!". [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:37:48] The end of it is still sort of tangled up in the skimmer so it's not gonna be able to move until you guys find a way to get it out of there.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:37:57] Can we stop the skimmer?


Megan (GM): [00:38:00] It's on autopilot but there is some sort of like stop and go buttons.


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:04] We push the square. Jessamy and Korshen both have light tools.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:12] Mm hmm.


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:14] So it shouldn't be that big a deal to tie off and go down there and clean it off.


Landan (Mako): [00:38:20] I can hop down there too.


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:21] So we could all just sort of work on it. Does anyone specifically have training in repair?


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:28] I do not. I know a girl.


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:35] She's off on another plane now. Actually that's where you might have run into her.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:41] I might know her! [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:38:41] We both also have like that ability that we can look at something and come up with a plan.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:38:45] We can observe it and then get the difficulty reduced by one step. Oh and Landan has the thing where he's kind of got a little bit of knowledge about everything. So if the three of us go down there.


Megan (GM): [00:38:57] Should be able to do this. It's just sort of like threaded through the gears. The best example I can think of is when I vacuum and the brush is like filled with hair.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:39:07] Yeah.


Megan (GM): [00:39:08] I'm sure Shaunna knows how that goes. [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:39:09] Yeah I know. I know that struggle.


Megan (GM): [00:39:13] So it's just sort of threaded all the way through, making it harder for the gears in the engine to turn. So you just have to clear out, cut it out, however you want to get it out of the gears and then it should be able to move again just fine.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:39:28] All right. Well we've got tongs, we've got pliers, a screwdriver and a hammer if that...


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:32] We've got to rapier too.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:39:34] Yeah I have a rapier. [Landon laughs] So... do we have to get in the ocean and swim around?


Megan (GM): [00:39:40] Yeah. So you're going to have to get in the water to get to it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:39:43] Ok.


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:43] Maybe the best thing to do would be to just give Mako the rapier.


Landan (Mako): [00:39:48] I have a forearm blade I can hack the vine with that.


Aser (Korshen): [00:39:50] The rapier is a little longer so you could cut it without necessarily risking putting your hand in the skimmer mechanism.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:40:02] Uuuhhhhh...Jessamy holds onto her rapier and offers up a small pry bar from her bag of tools. [Laughter]


Landan (Mako): [00:40:11] That works, that works too.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:40:14] The ocean is a big place.


Megan (GM): [00:40:16] You don't wanna drop it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:40:18] [Laughs] It's not going to float.


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:20] Fine, here take this fin piercer, [through laughter] it's a foot and a half long. Probably more useful.


Landan (Mako): [00:40:24] Mako will grab the fin piercer and then he will jump into the water and start trying to hack the vine that's in the gears.


Megan (GM): [00:40:35] I don't think this is necessarily a difficult task it's just time consuming. So you're able to do it because you have a lot of aquatic mutations, so you're good in the water. You're able to navigate around in boats turned off so it's not gonna take off without you.


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:49] That's good.


Megan (GM): [00:40:50] The Spirril doesn't smell like it's particularly edible. I don't know if you guys want to try to eat it.


Aser (Korshen): [00:40:56] No. [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:40:59] I'm going to pass on that now.


Landan (Mako): [00:41:00] I'm more focused at this point on getting the, getting the stuff out of the engine and all that stuff and then getting back on the boat and seeing if we can go.


Megan (GM): [00:41:10] You hit the confusingly octagon shaped button and you are able to go.


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:17] Hey wait a minute. [Laughter] Is it green at least?


Megan (GM): [00:41:22] It's orange.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:24] Oh my gosh.


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:26] Apparently in Numenera orange means good. So... [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:41:30] So you are in the sea still traveling to the point assigned to you. The days are not particularly hot. The sun is there but you're going on at a quick enough pace that you have a nice breeze all the time. Do you set any sort of watches or anything like that?


Aser (Korshen): [00:41:48] Yeah it's probably a good idea for one of us to be awake in any given moment. It would really be embarrassing if someone were to come aboard at night and slit our throats. [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:41:57] Mm hmm.


Megan (GM): [00:41:58] How would you explain that to Pillany?


Aser (Korshen): [00:42:00] Yeah. Especially when they download our last memories. It's just a "Huh?! Ow, it hurts." 


Megan (GM): [00:42:10] What order do you do your watches in?


Aser (Korshen): [00:42:12] Who wants to go to sleep first? The watch that sucks is the one in the middle. So I guess I'll take that one.


Landan (Mako): [00:42:19] I can do the first one I guess.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:42:22] OK I'll take the, the morning watch.


Megan (GM): [00:42:25] Give me a perception check Landan for your watch.


Landan (Mako): [00:42:30] Alright.


Megan (GM): [00:42:30] It's going to be a little harder.


Landan (Mako): [00:42:35] I don't know if an eight will cut it, but that's what I got.


Megan (GM): [00:42:38] The ocean is nice and peaceful. You see some bioluminescent schools of fish swimming under the waves. They seem to be headed a little more directly west than the direction you're headed. But nothing is amiss. Korshen give me perception check, as you take over.


Aser (Korshen): [00:42:57] 19.


Megan (GM): [00:42:58] As you settle down for your watch it's pretty boring. It's dark outside. The ocean looks the same as the sky. And then you start hearing a sound. It's like a thunk, a hollow thunk, like two boulders being smashed together. Then there seems to be almost the sound of metal grinding against metal underwater, and wires running over each other. And it all starts playing together into almost a song that is echoing across the sea. I'm going to need you to give me a check.


Aser (Korshen): [00:43:30] Do I get an asset because my nineteen?


Megan (GM): [00:43:32] Sure. Intellect defense.


Aser (Korshen): [00:43:35] Alright. I rolled a 17, so that'll be a level six success.


Megan (GM): [00:43:38] So you feel inside that you want to go towards the song but you realize that you have an important mission to go on and you really need to prove yourself. So you shouldn't go near the song you don't jump over the edge of the boat to start swimming towards it or anything, but the boat seems to be turning towards it of its own accord.


Aser (Korshen): [00:43:59] "No this way, this way. This way." Pulling on the controls.


Megan (GM): [00:44:05] There's not really any controls it's just a programmed destination.


Aser (Korshen): [00:44:09] Well that's a problem. Wait, what if I tell it to stop?


Megan (GM): [00:44:16] The, the motors die...


Aser (Korshen): [00:44:18] Yeah.


Megan (GM): [00:44:18] But still seems to be pulled towards the sound.


Aser (Korshen): [00:44:21] Ooooh crap. I go down below and wake Mako and Jessamy. "We've got a problem."


Landan (Mako): [00:44:30] What's going on?


Aser (Korshen): [00:44:32] Something's pulling us off course.


Megan (GM): [00:44:35] Uh, Mako and Jessamy I'm gonna need each of you to give me a check. Mako you get an asset to this check because you are severely mutated.


Landan (Mako): [00:44:42] That is a 13.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:44:45] I rolled a seven.


Megan (GM): [00:44:47] Jessamy, it seems like not a big deal that the boat is headed towards the sound because you want to go to the sound too.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:44:55] I think this is where we're supposed to go. It's, it's fine. We can go back to sleep. Or did you want me to start my watch now, you can go to sleep. [Laughter]


Megan (GM): [00:45:06] Mako, you still want to go to meet with the Red Fleet right away.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:45:11] I mean we will.


Landan (Mako): [00:45:12] Does Mako at least hear like the noise or is it just like I don't hear what they're talking about?


Megan (GM): [00:45:19] You don't even hear a song. You hear it Jessamy, still, but Mako doesn't even hear the song.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:45:25] Wow.


Landan (Mako): [00:45:25] I'm like, "what are you guys talking about?"


Aser (Korshen): [00:45:32] There's something off to the side there. Something coming from the direction in which we're being pulled.


Landan (Mako): [00:45:41] And I think Mako will walk up out of the galley or wherever we're at in the little skimmer, noticing I guess the engines obviously off. And so we are being pulled, and does Mako see anything maybe in the distance or in the water that you know, some sea beast with tentacles pulling us, or something?


Megan (GM): [00:46:06] Mako, you don't see anything. Are the rest of you going up?


Aser (Korshen): [00:46:09] Yup.


Megan (GM): [00:46:10] Jessamy and Korshen you see in the direction you're headed a red light on the horizon. But Mako you don't see it.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:46:18] Beautiful.


Aser (Korshen): [00:46:20] There's a light out there.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:46:22] Yeah. That's where we're going


Landan (Mako): [00:46:23] What light are you talking about? I don't see anything.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:46:27] Fish eyes.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:46:32] Sorry.


Landan (Mako): [00:46:33] [Laughter] It's okay.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:46:34] That felt, that felt really mean. But it also felt in character so I just- 


Landan (Mako): [00:46:38] No that makes sense. [Laughs]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:46:41] Jessamy just leans on the edge and just stares at it, trails one finger in the water. It's very whimsical.


Aser (Korshen): [00:46:50] I would like to use our planner ability.


Megan (GM): [00:46:52] Ok.


Aser (Korshen): [00:46:55] And you get a GM intrusion.


Megan (GM): [00:46:58] As you're trying to think your way out of this situation to figure out how to get the skimmer to turn around, it suddenly doesn't seem like that bad of idea to head towards this light.


Aser (Korshen): [00:47:12] You know what. Jessamy, maybe you're onto something. We should just figure out what this thing is. I turn the engines back on.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:47:18] Yes, faster! Let's go there faster.


Landan (Mako): [00:47:21] I think Mako, being completely confused as to what they're talking about [laughter] will kind of like, close his eyes and with the mesh implant open his eyes back again to be like, you know-


Megan (GM): [00:47:38] Oh interesting


Landan (Mako): [00:47:39] -Let them see what he's seeing, and that he is seeing nothing. He doesn't see a bright red light or any of that.


Megan (GM): [00:47:47] I don't know if you can make them see what you're seeing but you can definitely see what they're seeing. If you want to.


Landan (Mako): [00:47:53] OK.


Megan (GM): [00:47:55] And if you're gonna look through their eyes, you see the red light. All of a sudden it's really blatantly there on the horizon. You still don't feel a call to go there or hear it. 


Landan (Mako): [00:48:05] Mm-hmm. Mako probably'll think internally. "Oh they're not entirely crazy. There is a red light they see. I don't know why I don't see it but still don't hear any music or song they're talking about."


Aser (Korshen): [00:48:22] Yeah, I don't know what it is but I think we just we should check it out and maybe it'll give us a clue on how to avoid this in the future.


Megan (GM): [00:48:28] So I am going to end it there with you guys headed towards a mysterious red light on the horizon.


Aser (Korshen): [00:48:38] I feel good about this guys. [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:48:40] This is where we need to go.


Landan (Mako): [00:48:42] Famous last words. [Laughter]


Aser (Korshen): [00:48:43] It's almost as good as "Don't worry I got this".


Megan (GM): [00:48:49] What could go wrong?


Landan (Mako): [00:48:51] Hold my beer. [Laughter]


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:48:51] So our first mission is going great, doing a great job.


Megan (GM): [00:48:58] You did defeat the seaweed so...


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:48:59] [Laughs]


Landan (Mako): [00:49:01] Yay!


Megan (GM): [00:49:02] Thank you everyone for listening. We've had playing with us today, Aser.


Aser (Korshen): [00:49:08] Hi, I played Korshen Lambro who successfully survived the first outing. Well, the first part of the first outing. You can find me on Twitter @Aser_Tolentino.


Megan (GM): [00:49:19] Landan.


Landan (Mako): [00:49:20] Yes. And I have been playing Mako who still does not know what his companions are going on about as far as the song. But he finally has seen the red light. You can find me on Twitter @Solemn_Lyrian.


Megan (GM): [00:49:35] And Shaunna.


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:49:40] I played Jessamy. I'm totally cool with this red light thing, it's great. And you can find me on Twitter at @CallMeShaunna S H A U N N A.


Megan (GM): [00:49:50] And this is Megan I've been your GM. You can find me on Twitter at @curium247 or you can find the podcast at @AmberClave. Thank you so much for listening.


Aser (Korshen): [00:50:01] Good bye!


Landan (Mako): [00:50:02] Bye. 


Shaunna (Jessamy): [00:50:03] Bye.