The Amber Clave

The Amber Clave Spire of the Hunting Sound pt 1

Episode Notes

Welcome to our midseason break! We're playing Spire of the Hunting Sound, the 2017 Free RPG Day scenario, and are joined by special guest Darcy!

"A roiling green desert haunted by invisible beasts. A game that consumes those that play. Faceless automatons from another world, and a tower of living sound. The characters have survived the hijacking of the airship Aelestrian, but can they survive the unknown reaches of the Ninth World in which they find themselves?"

GM: Megan

Aser as Caris, Landan as Tanus, Shaunna as Faroon, and Darcy as Sharad Talaar

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Outro Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Ossuary 2 - Turn." (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License